I am Marked.

I am Marked. In recent years, I have experienced some very difficult moments; some valleys within the mountains. I am currently learning to channel these difficult moments into positive-thinking as opposed to breaking down. I have been Marked, broken, redeemed, and broken all over again. Life is a series of ups and downs, some farther down than expected. I am Marked. You may be Marked, and that is okay. I am Marked by the tough times. I am Marked by faith. I am Marked by love.
I am Marked by grace. I am forever Marked. I will forever be Marked.
“Marked” is more than a sign someone feels hanging on their body, stating all of the dark moments they’ve experienced. “Marked” can become a lifestyle channeled for righteousness and goodness. We can use our “Marked” moments to change our lives forever.

One of my recent “Marked” moments was losing our little boy, Liam, during the first trimester. I will forever be a“Marked” mommy grieving my son. I will forever keep my faith. Liam is my Angel Baby in Heaven, and we will meet again. I will one day finally see my little boy’s face. One day.

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